Welcome to the APS College of Pharmacy!

Amit Kumar Garg
APS College of Pharmacy

It gives me immense pleasure to utter few words about the credentials of our college. The college has remained a place of excogitation and excellence in Pharmacy education. As the needs of society and the profession change, the college explores new programs to better prepare upcoming pharmacists for an expanded role in the health care profession. The continuous changes in responsibilities and scope of practice of the pharmacists demand a serious commitment to life-long learning. In order to handle this arduous task, our college has excellent group of faculty who are highly qualified and intrinsically motivated. They leave no stone unturned to mould the career of our students.

Our college gives the society professionals who are industry ready. They are facilitated to such great extent that they become assets to the organizations they associate with in addition to being responsible citizens of the global healthcare community.

We would be more than happy to have you at our institute any time so that you could know more about our allegiance to Pharmacy education. Best wishes,